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The Transform by Action Platform (Transform Platform) is a commodity trade data platform designed to enable Business-to-Business verification of No Deforestation claims
Mission and Vision

Transform Platform’s vision is to transform commodity industries to delivering deforestation-free supply chains

Transform Platform’s mission is to serve as a central data hub for palm oil trader-refiners, their suppliers and buyers to credibly back-up public Deforestation Free Claims and to firmly address detected non-compliance - whilst documenting how liability for past harm is settled.

Unique value and Independence

Transform Platform offers the up-to-date, comprehensive and actionable data that is essential for effective supply chain due diligence, monitoring and stakeholder engagement.

Transform Platform is owned and operated by Earthqualizer Foundation, an Indonesian Foundation registered in 2019. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board are tasked to uphold the Foundation's vision and mission. Our data management will be independently audited and be overseen by a multi stakeholder review committee.

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