What is Transform Platform?

Transform Platform is a commodity trade data platform for monitoring and verifying NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat Clearing and Exploitation) compliance within the global palm oil and agricultural commodity sectors. We offer the up-to-date, comprehensive and actionable data essential for effective supply chain due diligence, traceability, stakeholder engagement and sustainability transformation.

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Our mission is to help transform the agricultural sector into deforestation-free and socially just through actionable and meaningful data intelligence, thereby contributing to resolution of global sustainability challenges. Users can verify deforestation-free claims made by companies, monitor NDP compliance and trace global palm oil supply all the way to its origin.

The actionable data allows businesses to assess and address sustainability risks within their supply chains to ensure regulatory compliance and prevent reputational damage.

What distinguishes our data from the others?

The Transform Platform builds upon cutting-edge, integrated and verified datasets from various resources combined with ‘in-house’ analytics from highly experienced experts and on-the-ground insights. Our main solutions leverage these resources to deliver trustworthy and actionable insight.

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Supply-chain Traceability

  • Regional land parcel (includes oil palm concessions)
  • Corporate ownership data profile
  • Supply chain data profile
  • Palm oil dealers
  • Palm oil mill
  • Palm oil facilities
  • Hi-res Planted oil palm dataset
  • Hi-res Smallholder area dataset


  • Hi-res forest dataset
  • Near real time vegetation removal
  • Global peatland distribution dataset
  • Global Burnt areas distribution
  • HCV-HCS database


  • NDP liability assessment database
  • Community claimed areas
  • Grower recovery plan database
  • NDPE confirmation

Who we are

Transform Platform is a collaboration between Earthqualizer Foundation & PT Inovasi Digital Untuk Transformasi.


Earthqualizer is a non-profit organization providing data-led solutions for transforming commodity supply chains for the benefit of people and nature. Our work blends environmental recovery with government and corporate responsibility and socio-economic justice.

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Inovasi Digital

Inovasi Digital for Transformation is an integrated technology solution company dedicated to contributing to the development of fair and sustainable trade through technological innovations.

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