Verified Deforestation Free for Palm Oil


Businesses are making claims of deforestation-free products as key markets like the EU demand more stringent due diligence on deforestation risks associated with commodities such as palm oil. To substantiate and verify the claims and protect their reputation, businesses need comprehensive and reliable insight.


Why choose us?

Our Verified Deforestation Free (VDF) assessment helps companies identify supply chain deforestation risk areas and ensure that suppliers are continuously compliant with deforestation-free regulations and commitments such as NDPE policies (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation).

Our VDF assessment reviews suppliers against the following minimum criteria:

1. Legal baseline and documentation
2. NDPE Policy at group level that includes g all third-party suppliers
3. ‘‘NDP’ Liability / Non-Compliance after 31 December 2015
4. Corrective Action in cases of non-compliance:

  • Short-Term Corrective Actions, including issuance of a Stop-Work-Order, development of an NDPE policy, completion of HCV/HCS assessments.
  • Long-Term Corrective Actions: these include the development & implementation of a long-term Recovery Plan, including public reporting on progress


What will you get?

Based on the review, suppliers will be verified as Compliant, Progressing or Non-Compliant. The process is explained in the following flowchart.

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