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Beyond rapid response alerts and monitoring of non-compliances, we have long recognized the importance of undertaking sustained engagement using those very alerts as the basis. Since 2018, our in-depth case reports have been crucial in informing our corporate partners’ decision-making process and guiding their stakeholder engagement. The case reports are the culmination of the experience and track record of our experts and researchers in open-source and close research and investigative analysis.

The case reports build on our non-compliance monitoring and rapid response alerts capabilities and investigative analysis. Highly customizable to meet the intelligence needs of each business, the reports give businesses tailored insight into NDPE non-compliance and sustainability issues specific to their supply chains. They pinpoint issues to specific suppliers and buyers and even specific decision-makers or entities that exercise management control. A case report is a concise way to understand and manage your supplier sustainability engagement and external stakeholders (e.g. civil society organizations). 

The case reports are customizable, depending on the issues of interest, but the general layout is as follows:

  • Supplier corporate profile (including their shareholding structure, management control, links with individuals and entities and relevant subsidiaries)
  • Landbank control
  • In-depth coverage of historical and current NDPE issues including high-resolution, time-series analysis
  • Buyer information (including volume and nominal of transactions)
  • Actionable recommendations (including tailored support from our experts)


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