Global Monitoring

As the largest palm oil producers, Southeast Asian nations have traditionally been the focus of successful deforestation monitoring. At the same time, forest loss has expanded in South America and Africa and is not limited to palm oil production but a part of a larger trend of commodity-driven deforestation.

Recognizing this, our team has strived to upscale the remote sensing and satellite monitoring of growers to the global level, particularly in South America and Africa. Building upon the lessons learnt throughout our work in Southeast Asia, we intend to focus on delivering actionable monitoring by obtaining the most accurate concession boundaries, land parcels and supply chain traceability data.

Users get targeted and actionable intelligence that exposes the link between deforestation and the supply chain and can verify suppliers’ compliance with the NDPE policies. There is also an emphasis on the IUCN’s Habitats Classification Scheme due to the ongoing threat to biodiversity in hotspots such as the Amazonian landscape and the Congo basin.


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