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The global commodity sector is complex and often dominated by a few major players. In the Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil sector for example, approximately 50% of the oil palm planted areas within are located within the concessions of 30 company groups. It is possible that a few of these companies possess landbank directly or though a series of shadow companies that are not known publicly due to the transparency issues in the industries.

Often there is a lack of transparency in the decision-making and management control of legal entities involved in the production of agricultural commodities. In the context of palm oil, stakeholders have long highlighted how the existence of shadow companies, lack of transparency and accountability in decision making contribute to the unsustainable and non-NDPE compliant practices. In fact, several major oil palm growers are owned by a few discrete entities which have possessions and holdings in other business sectors and industries such as coal mining, pulp and paper, rubber, coconut, etc.

To encourage sustainability transformation in the agricultural sectors, there is a need to make stakeholder engagement targeted to ultimate beneficial owners (UBO). Our corporate profile empowers businesses and stakeholder in their supplier engagements with in-depth insight into management control of companies, shareholding structure and individual relations beyond the publicly available financial information. Depending on the depth of intelligence, users may choose one of the following:

1. Short resume for specific companies and subsidiaries (listed and unlisted). Suitable for users who wish to investigate specific subsidiary/company and obtain the relevant information on shareholding information, UBO, management team and associated facilities (e.g.  refinery, kernel crushing plant, mill).

2. Group profile – listed, unlisted companies. Suitable for users who wish to capture more comprehensive information at the group level, such as group links, shareholding information, UBO, certification status, management team, associated facilities, company structure and business productivity.


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